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Edoarte has as a priority objective of quality, the full satisfaction of its customers, through the offer of artistic paintings, in whose production process high quality materials are linked, which allow their permanence over time without their color, texture and finishes, are unfavorably altered, if it is kept under normal conditions of light, temperature and maintenance.


Likewise, all contracted work will be dispatched from the workshop itself to the final destination defined by the client, observing all legal dispatch regulations, such as: correct and appropriate packaging, certificate from the Colombian Ministry of Culture, who certifies its legal clearance, when the case warrants it, (shipment abroad), which in itself provides a pledge of guarantee on the dispatched artistic work.


Edoarte is always at the forefront of permanently evaluating changes in art, assuming training that leads to being always updated.

On the other hand, it is guaranteed that all work commissioned as such is a reference will be genuinely elaborated from its initial drawing, staining and final definition in a totally manual "genuinely handmade" manner.


DELIVERY COMPLIANCE: As a fundamental part of the shipment is the seriousness in the timely delivery that will be determined between the artist and the client, being defined according to the estimated production time and the time that the courier estimates for delivery; For this, Edoarte will monitor permanently until delivery to its final destination, the procedure of which will include insurance that covers the commercial value of the work dispatched.


Likewise, and when the work is conceived and made in its entirety by the artist, the artist will deliver a certificate of authenticity that will accompany the work on delivery to the client.


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Payments through Western Union

Payment Methods
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