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The easy art, by Eduardo Perez

Today I see with a certain sadness how authentic art has been replaced in its execution by canvas prints, which are nothing more than photocopies on canvas that are used in this way to lighten the work, offering a result that at the end is less expensive than handmade art. It does not show the process and flavor that starting a work from a blank canvas leaves you as an artist.

This result of the canvas printing by the lithographic inks in the machine , makes the final work lose its color during the years.

Through to the academic process of fine arts, I do not include this type of process in my work, on the contrary one of the guarantees that I offer in my paintings is the permanence of color over the time. Due to the fact I demand myself when buying paintings and good quality materials such as: Frame made of cedar - Canvas Canvas suitable for art, paintings (good quality oils and acrylics), natural paint drying, I do not use drying accelerators such as cobalt, because this chemical alters the final color of the work.

This natural process delivers excellent results for both: the client and me, generating great trust: Client - Artist.

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