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My steps in art by: Eduardo Perez

When I was a child, I was in my first years of school studying and doing pictures that were assigned included in the different academic programs.

I was noticing that classmates turned to me and asked for help in order to improve their drawings. It was there when I began to notice my artistic talent.

In this way, I beagn to develop copies of cartoons and then moving on to more complex drawings. This artistic development was postponed, because I had to work in other work areas to support the family budget. But always carrying that taste for art. At this point, the guidance given by the proper education and training in this area was essential, who urged me to continue painting on my free days.

That is why I started this new artistic stage of my Life, for which I spent up to 6 months producing a painting. During this period I was working, but my life took a sudden turn and I got retired early by the company after a successful negotiation (1998).

I decided to start art studies at the departmental institute of fine arts of Cali Colombia, for this complement my empirical knowledge and developing in art as part of my daily life for 23 years and thus offer today the results that you can see on my website and in my gallery house in Cali- Colombia.

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